New Forest Chicken Rescue

New Forest Chicken Rescue is an initiative by New Forest Franciscans.

From time to time, we are asked or given the opportunity to rehome chickens that have been used for commercial egg production. This is often done through advertising and word of mouth, but we thought it would be helpful to have a website as a point of contact for anyone wanting to offer a home to some chickens.

The chickens are still likely to be laying eggs at the time of rehoming, although this will probably be at a rate of 3 or 4 a week rather than daily. It is very important that any homes that come forward do so because they want pet chickens and not because they intend to kill them for meat. So please do not ask for chickens from us if that is your intention!

500 chickens to be rehomed in April!

We are hoping to assemble a list of home offers for 500 chickens that will become available in April. The farmer is very happy that his chickens will go to homes rather than get slaughtered, as generally happens with commercial chickens. He is happy for people to collect from his farm over a couple of weeks in April, but we must co-ordinate this and make sure that there are homes lined up for all of the birds, so please make contact as soon as possible to let us know how many chickens you would like to rescue.

Please call Revd Dr Caroline Wilkins on 01590 624731 to reserve your rescue chickens.

Thank you so much to all who come forward to offer homes!